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Apartment complex

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About project

Park Residence is a conceptual project that fully reflects the principles of the Hügge philosophy – cozy housing and comfortable communication with a sense of well-being and personal happiness.
The structure of the complex creates maximum opportunities for work
and business – use the commercial space of the residential complex to create your own business


  • Update the main pages of the site: the main page, about the complex, implementation and construction progress
  • Introduce users closer to the philosophy of the Park Residence complex
  • Show in detail all the modern technical means that are used in the construction of houses of this complex
  • Demonstrate to the client that he will receive not just housing, but a comfortable, well thought-out mini-city of the future.
  • Increase trust and loyalty to the company
  • Almost completely update the admin panel of the site: add the ability to edit all sections, fix bugs and bugs of previous developers, make admin panel easy to use